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How low is too low?..... new Konis

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(not counting air rides here...)

When one of either two things happens-

the tire hits the fender at ride height or, the tie rod hits the brake booster at ride height. After installing the 2nd gen eclipse Konis and the Road Race camber plates, I had both problems :lol:

Pic of the 3rd gen J Konis next to the Eclipse. The difference in length is pretty apparent. The Eclipse units have about 2" more travel than the 3rd gen ones. (3rd gen on the left)

Pic of the RRE upper perch next to the Ground Control one-

I didn't like how loose the RRE bearings were on the strut shaft, so I had them machined to fit the GC bearings (kind of difficult to see here)-

Pic of the hacked up strut tower. I still haven't decided just what I'm going to do here. I just wanted to get it on the road for the Bash, so I drilled holes. I think I'll end up replacing the entire top of the tower with a new piece of steel with the correct pattern and make sure its square to the other side. I also have to work out the strut tower bar.

Just by installing the new Konis and RRE camber plate, it lowered the car 1", thats why the tire was hitting the fender. I fixed the by raising the lower perches 1", but the tie rod was still hitting the brake booster. I got to thinking about it, and realized that a while back, probably during my rush to get the car on the road for something else, I had inadvertantly put the tie rods on the wrong sides :oops: . Feel free to E-slap me for being dumb.

The Eclipse Konis are valved just a bit softer than the 3rd gen ones. I have about 3" of downward adjustment from a 24.5" fender to ground measurement, so I'm happy I have a complete set of 'Bird flares to install and roll the fender lips for some wider tires. I also cut down the bumpstop by over half (its about 3/4" now). Overall, I think this setup will work much nicer than what I had been running. Now I just have to work out the new rear springs and modify the perches to work. I may keep what I have now though.... 500 lb springs are pretty bouncy, and 600 will only get worse :lol:
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24.5 is where mine sits with the 17's on and the Sprint springs.. that's damn low..

it's at 23" in the front right now with my drag radials :lol:
dont tease! lets see pics of the wheels/fenders/ :lol:
I'll slam it at the Bash and get some pics. :wink:
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