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Whats up everyone?

I was just wondering how much $$$ you all think I should sell my car for. Its a blue 1994 Cavalier RS (V6 3.1) Coupe with 250,000 KMs on the body and about 20,000 KMs on the new rebuilt engine...

Mods include:
New Exhaust (nothing special, but works nicely) $250
K&N Air Filter $75
Z24 and custom paint $300
Air Intake (done by myself)
New Brakes and Rotters
New Oil Pan $100
New Tires $150

Many other new parts I cant think of now, but those were the main ones. I have some optional parts I may include like the HOOCHY whistle and the neons under the dash.

The only actual problem with this car, like on a lot of Cavaliers, there is rust on the bottom of both doors. The car runs great, sounds great and moves really quick. How much money should I put it up for sale for?

Thank you,

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xtremecavalier29 said:
wendyl said:
michro01 said:
like the HOOCHY whistle
I have to ask....what exactly is a HOOCHY whistle?
well iam glad to see that i am not the only one!
Must be some canadian thing i don't know about ;)
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