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How to Install 3rd gen Koni Yellow\'s on your 2nd Gen

About This How-to
Author: silverghost
Added: 08.04.05
Updated: 08.04.05
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This how-to will show you how to install 3rd gen adjustable Koni Yellow inserts on your 2nd gen J-body. They don't make these struts for the 2nd gen, so this is your only option if you want Koni adjustables.


  • Koni Yellow front inserts
  • Short length of 1 7/8" exhaust tubing


How To Do It

Step 1

Refer to Cinny's Koni Installation Guide if you do not know how to hack up your front strut housing.

Step 2

Problem Number 1

The threads on the Koni inserts are too short. So we are going cut the spacer to make room.

First, remove the spacer from the mount (image 2)

Then Cut it in half. About 7/8" from either side. (image 3)

You should end up with 2 pieces as shown in image 4

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Step 3

Put the smaller peice back into the mount. Don't forget to de-bur the piece you cut!

We now have enough threads for the washer and nut to hold on to.

The only con from this that can be seen is that there is less rubber between the spacer and the mount. So more noise may occur from hitting hard bumps in the road than before.

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Step 4

Problem Number 2

Movement of the insert inside the strut housing will cause lots of klunking while driving. You will also never be able to get a proper alignment done. Toe and camber will constantly move around.

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Step 5

Purchase two small peices of 2" OD / 1 7/8" ID exhaust tubing. We will be making a spacer to stop the insert from moving around.

Cut 1/4" inch out of the exhaust tubing. You can probably cut less. 3/16" outta do it. I don't think 1/8" will be enough. You will see why two pictures down.

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Step 6

With a small peice cut out, you can now close the piece of tubing around the koni insert.

You have now made your spacer! Probably less the 0.001" of movement in it. i.e. It fits perfect!

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Step 7

A little bit of grease on the inside and outside for easier insertion and rust prevention, and the Rubber sleeve to cover it all up.

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Step 8

Voila! You are done. Now assemble your front suspension as normal. You will now have a 2nd Generation Cavalier with front Koni Yellow Suspension! With the rears installed aswell the ride is amazing. Kiss those KYB GR-2's goodbye!

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