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How to Install A Heated O2 Sensor

About This How-to
Author: burn
Added: 02.03.06
Updated: 02.06.06
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This is a how-to on installing a heated oxygen sensor into your car. The benefit of a heated oxygen sensor is that your car will go into closed loop much quicker, which means the ECM is adjusting your fuel based off of the sensor and not maps. by doing this your car will run better quicker on cold start-ups. it will also improved fuel consumption during start up, as well as reduce emissions.


  • 4-wire heated O2 sensor w/ pigtail. You can get this off any newer car with the 3100 or 3400 motor.
  • Inline Fuse
  • Soldering Iron


  • Basic Tools
  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • Electrical Tape/Heat shrink tubing
  • Solder

How To Do It

Step 1

Aquire your parts and determine which wire on your harness does what. Not all harnesses may be the same colors, but the pinout should stay the same. Use the diagram to determine wire colors.

Light Engineering Auto part Cable Machine

Rectangle Font Parallel Pattern Slope

Step 2

First you want to swap out your stock single-wire O2 for the heated one. There will be no clearance problems on the 2.8/3.1, but if you've got a 3x00 swap, you know how close the O2 already is to the tie rod ends, if it's not hitting already. So you'll definately have to relocate the O2 to the downpipe now, since the 4 wire sensor is a bit longer.

Automotive tire Cable Auto part Wire Personal protective equipment

Step 3

Next you want to remove the stock single-wire O2 sensor plug end.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Crankset

Step 4

Then hook Pin B (purple) to the signal wire.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Electrical wiring Car

Step 5

Next, you will need to find power that is only 12V when the engine is running. There is a wire coming out of the back of the altenator that does just that. That wire is brown with a white stripe. I spliced in to there with the Pin D (brown). I also used an in-line fuse holder with a 5A fuse.

Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

Step 6

Next, hook the Pin A (tan) and Pin C (black) wires together, and run them both to ground. I mounted mine to one of the left over holes from the stock MAP sensor location. (Map sensor was not located on the firewall on all models)

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light Hood Tread

Step 7

Then I zip-tied the connector to one of the power-steering lines to keep it out of the way from getting tangled.

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part Gas Metal

Step 8

And thats it. This has drastically cut down my warm up time. Today is was 0C (32F) and it took under 2 minutes for my car to enter closed loop, where as before it would take well over 5 minutes in warmer weather.

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