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How to Replace the TCC lockup solenoid

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Author: verdilak
Added: 07.27.03
Updated: 02.28.04
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This applies to only automatic transmission cars. If your car stalls when decelerating from high speeds, restarts fine, but dies again as soon as you put it in gear, your lockup solenoid is most likely bad. Check out the faq on this page for some more info on what is happening.

Note: This is a good time to do a transmission fluid and filter change but you don't have too. Very little will get out of the part you must take off.


  • New TCC Lockup solenoid
  • New gasket (Mine disintegrated) or forma gasket high temperature gasket maker
  • I would also suggest a new electrical connector where you plug in to TCC.


  • Typical set of tools

How To Do It

Step 1

Loosen the lug nuts on the driver side front wheel and then jack the car up. I would suggest putting both sides up on supports because you will need the jack in a minute

Step 2

Once jacked up take off the wheel and remove the lower part of the wheel well gaurd. Mine was in front at the bottom. Now you can see a little part of the casing. Inside is the valve body and the PITA TCC. Remove the bolts from the cover . I had a problem with my A part of the unibody get in the way so I would jack the engine up a little by putting it on the front driver side mount or torsion strut. Whereever it gives you about 4 inches. Once the bolts are removed remove the pan but don't count on the gasket from around the side pan to crack up. Replace it or get a forma gasket high temperature stuff. Remove the pan with a little manuvering.

Step 3

The TCC is on the lower back side of the valve body with a bolt holding it on. There are also a series of wires going from it to your left and right. Do a swap wire for wire. I didn't and had to redo it.

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Step 4

Now the hard part was getting the plug in to the connector on top and behind the valve body. Remove the connector and try slipping the connnector through. The plug in on the TCC will be marked + and - so try matching it up and it has a little ridge on the top of my new one which tells me it's the top. There's only two ways to put it in and only one is right. The wires are atleast color coated to help you.

Step 5

When finished just put either the forma gasket on the caseing or the new gasket and very slowly slip the panel back on and tighten the bolts.

Step 6

Make sure you check the fluid level and top it off if needed and have fun. Mine doesn't act up at all.

Step 7

The total cost of the repair may be about max 60 us bucks depending on wether you get a new gasket and if you need a little fluid to top it off. I keep some extra around as well as forma gasket which has never leaked on me so I suggest the forma gasket and so It only cost me for the TCC and that was 45 US dollars from the dealer here in tampa.

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