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If you're like me, and dread drilling holes through your firewall, and like everything to be original, or very much like original when it comes to running wires from the engine bay to the cabin compartment?

well here goes, pull the passenger side bulk head connector out, usually 1 or 2 screws holding it in place, once out it looks like this:

there is a foam/rubber seal on the bottom side, just carefully pry it away and move it down

now on its side, there is a regular tab and a locking mechanism tab in place on each side just carefully pry each tab, until it separates completely...

once opened, all the wires are encased in something called "potting", rubber/plastic material of some sort, anyways, carefully drill out a section or few, like i did in the next pic.

Be careful not to chew the wires!

slide the wires in the new groove..

now you'll probably want to put some sort of sealant or caulking in the new groove to close it off from water before closing it off... i didnt mainly because im still working on the harness...

close it back up and dont forget about putting the seal back on the bottom!

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