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How to Store Your Car for the Winter

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Author: burn
Added: 02.03.06
Updated: 02.03.06
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If you're storing your car for the winter, or any lengthy period of time, it is recommended to perform the following to ensure a safe storage and to prevent damage to your car.

How To Do It

Step 1

Remove any faceplate's / tv's / walkie-talkie's.... anything with an LCD / OEL screen that can freeze. I lost a $140 walkie-talkie last winter when the screen froze.

Step 2

Put a couple bounce sheets / bowl's of baking soda in you car to help fight odor caused by your car sitting out of sunlight for 4 months. I usually leave my windows up, so that I dont get any bugs crawling into my car over the winter.

Step 3

Park on boards. Don't let your tires sit on cold concrete. Its not that you will develop flat spots by not moving the car, but the concrete will actually absorb the moisture out of the rubber and damage the tire. Its not necesary to put your car on stands. Your car sits on your suspension for years on end, the few months over the winter isnt going to have any impact. The only reason lifting the car is sometimes suggested, is in place of parking on boards.

Step 4

Battery. I know alot of people recommend removing your battery, but thats not necessary. You can if you like, but I have a 1Amp trickly charger, and I just leave it plugged in all winter. It was like $7 at canadian tire and works wonderful. I start my car every couple weeks and dont need the hassle of lugging my battery out to my car to start it.

If your car sits outside and it gets super cold, you might want to remove the battery so it does not freeze.

Step 5

Fuel stabilizer. fill your tank atleast half way, and add the corrected about of 'sta-bil' to your tank. Go for a short drive to help mix it into the gas good, and to get the stabilizer through the lines.

Step 6

Vent exhaust. I make it a point to fire up my car every 2-3 weeks. I have a dryer vent attached to my exhaust that is vented to out side so that i dont die from CO poisoning.

Step 7

When you take your car out in the spring, make sure you change your oil. If the oil is due before you store it, change it then, but its only gonna sit for 4 months its not gonna hurt it having 2-3000km old oil in it.

Step 8

For those with convertibles.

Make sure you unlanch your top. Don't put it down but unlatch it so it can relax. Alot of times people leave it latched for long periods of time and it stretches and dry rots.

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