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ok i heard they are welded, and they seem to be, i have some serious fuckin rust from every corner on em, i wanna replace em with some from junk yard...

so anybody, how do i remove back fenders(the parts/plates/body above rear wheels) ?
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You pretty uch have to cut out a chunk of your old one and make a patch for it out of the new one...

chop em off and weld on the new. :p
to do it properly you have to cut out the entire fender and weld in a new one, serious work, consider buying a new car
yea you pretty much have to chop them off, me and my dad did it to a car at the junkyard with some chisels and hammers. took a while but we got that bitch off of there. :D
you could always just sand off the rust and do some body work, dont know what is eazier
well.. you'd have to find all the factory spot welds in the door frame.. the trunk frame.. and around the rear window... and down along the rocker panel.. you'd have to drill all those spot welds out... and pull off your fender.. it CAN be done.. but its VERY time consuming...

GM makes replacement fenders and such.... and there are other distributors that manufature replacement panels.. but they are VERY expensive.. and hard to find.. unless you work in a body shop ;) lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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