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HU Dilema

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Big dilema in buying a new HU........ ones i'm looking at:

Kenwood KDC-MP522 (MP3)- just an option

Kenwood KDC-X469

Panasonic CQ-DFX683U (MP3)

JVC KD-SX990 (MP3)

They're all around $300. CDN

So, if someone has some suggestions on what else to look into (no pioneer and the Alpine's don't offer what i want for the price i'm willing to spend)

I requir:

Remote, ATLEAST 2sets of pre-outs and a rotary knob (volume) and for the price to be around $300. CDN....... oh yes, and a warranty ;)
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That Alpine is pretty nice for that price. And my experience with Clarion has been all bad, I wouldn't get one for my worst enemy.
yes, that Alpine is nice and i'd like an Alpine, but alas it's $350.+tx= $402. cdn :( (Altho i would really prefer a flip down face)

<LINK_TEXT text="http://gibbysaudiovideo.com/products/in ... 12&start=0">http://gibbysaudiovideo.com/products/index.htm?category=12&start=0</LINK_TEXT>

and the Blaupunkt is $500. CDN


I have to order it from Canada, otherwise i don't qualify for a warranty, which is what i'm REALLY worried about......... that's just what i've been told by Alpine/Cerwin Vega/RF...... 'cause i'd like to order from the U.S. 'cause it's SOOOO much cheaper :(

Again, we Canadians get screwed :lol:

The Canadian way- bend over and take unlubed like a man :(
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panasonic all the way buddy...i have the 883 from this year, and it is one of the best investments i've made....great sound, mp3, etc...the 683 is similar except with 2.5v preouts all round, while the 883 has 5v all the way around...plus you have separate sub volume, what else could you ask for...and on top of that it has a nice black chrome finish that looks great with our interiors///just telling you facts, this is the second panasonic hu i've had and i love it....just trying to spread the love... :D
I've always had good luck with Kenwood decks....especially the Excelons that I have owned.
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