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HUGE audibahn subs FS

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i got 2 12" Audiobahn AW1206T subs htere the 2003 models and they can handle 1100 watts RMS apeice,they retail for $550 apeice and im asking $750 OBO CDN wiht a tuned plexiglass box built for the subs,im sellin em casue i dont have an amp to run them and i dont think i can afford 1 or 2 amps that big :lol: and there 4 ohm DVCs

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that link that you posted from sounddomain says that they retail for $300 and they are selling them for $269...... if you can beat their prices then i'm pretty sure that i'll be interested!
im from canada,everystore here in london ontario sells them for $550 and up CDN,and im asking $750 OBO CDN so thats like $530-540 USD with a custom built box

so sounddomain sells em for like $540USD plus shippen and no sub box
i got 1 sub left and it will come with a ported box at around 3 cubic feet(dont remember exact #) the biggest ported box audiobahn recommends for $500 DCN
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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