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Hypereutectic 0.120" oversized pistons?

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My question is, are they available in the 3.1 or 3100 pistons? Yes I know that a 3.1 can not be over bored that much, this would apply to something else :wink:
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no... why not just get the hyperutectic 3400 pistons.. as thats what the size your asking about is for.

hmmm lets see 3.503 inch bore for a 3.1L... + .120 over bore = a 3400 3.62 bore...

you think we're stupid over here?? LMAO... :wink:
haha No I don't think your stupid :lol: I just didn't know you could get 3400 pistons in Hypereutectic. Now I do :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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