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I bought a Ghetto Cruiser today.

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Hey All.. today I bought myself a 1990 Cavalier Sedan... 140K miles 3spd auto. Engine sounds great and tranny shifts perfectly. It has surface rust on the hood, roof and trunk, but surprisingly, none on the doors. It's complete with door panels by rubbermaid and the original dash design from 1982. I plan to take care the surface rust, and have a cheapie 400.00 paint job put on it, install a type-10/RS/Z24 dash in it with full cluster, CL interior package and use it as a daily driver. I got it for 200.00 from some strange woman down the road. I'll have pics as soon as I can.

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nice buy! i wish mine only cost $200, that would've been an extra $1600 to put in performance parts :)
well at least 200$ is not much you can fix it up good with a little $$$ :D
good luck
i was there when he bought it!!! Its a peice!!!!! needs work......lmao I still cant beleive he bought it.
its hard to go wrong buying a car that runs for 200 bucks!
Good deal!!! I paid $250 for mine.

I wonder if this is really a ghetto cruiser though? Are there any lightswitches that control the cooling fan? Or wrong parts installed (front end, exhaust manifold and wheels). If not you dont have a ghetto cruiser. Oh wait . Thats a good thing!!! :p
markeem your car is worse ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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