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i bought boom for cav..

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heys yo! whelp today, i got my first paycheck ever, so, i splurged. i bought some subs/amp for the cavy. it's not much, i'll admit, but it's more thump, and that's all i wanted, just to have some bass, not ear splitting. and this is for the cavy, not my nissan, that's still getting the two 15's... but yeah i got:

2- Sony Xplod 10's - ( older style, they are still circular and not weird looking)

1 - Sony Xplod 1000W amp

i paid $250 for the entire whack of stuff and the amp still has 1 year warranty on it, and i bought this stuff off my friend, so yeah i think it's a good deal, and i'm gonna get


to go with it. so yeah, what do you all think? pics on monday...
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found out some more info. they are 180W rms each 600 max at 4 ohms. so it's not much, but it's some thump. not mind blowing, but it's thump
funny how the amp says 1000WATTS on it, but it also says on it that is only like 300 watts x 2 max. WTF? im confused. I mean 100watts out of an amp that has like a 30amp fuse is AMAZING, but you got an alright deal.
yeah, it'll do for what i need it to do. that's all i want
eirik said:
yeah, it'll do for what i need it to do. that's all i want
im not a fan for the sony subs/amps but i think if i was in a rush to get some beat, which i was, i would have bought it too, and sell it later for an upgrade.

not bad though pretty sure it sounds ok
exactly. that's my plan
lol. you live too far away. so add to that list an Xplod CD player, and a pair of Xplod 2way 6X9's that i traded with, and the remaining $200 on the subs and amp for my nissan pulsar.
fuck! they guys cd player got stolen!!! fuck!!!
:x man what a shitty deal! That kind of reminds me of when my friend was going to buy a eclipse, and the guy at the dealership took it street racing and totaled it. Not really the same but still sorry to hear that haha

that pioneer headunit that you picked out is the same as mine. its really nice. its a good deal too. :)
kool, i'm looking into that one and a panasonic..
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