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i met a guy with a SC cavi...

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wow it was fuckin unreal!!! i know a guy from calgary and a bunch of other people from our alberta j-body forum. and a guy named paul has been workin on his 3rd gen cavi for a while. he finally put his supercharger in a couple weeks ago. it came out of a benz i believe...he had to do lots of custom work to get it to fit...and last night i finally got to see it in person...it is seriously...the best sound i've ever heard!! he has a nice body kit...rims...carbon fibre hood...everything! it is now my fav. cavi! theres a couple vids and pics of it...maybe i'll get them up later if i'm now lazy...wow it's amazing though!!! i want it!!
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come on man.... You cant say all that stuff and rave about it and not share some pics or vids..

hehe.. Let us have em..
sounds sweet, you have to get some pictures up. come on, lets see them. :)
let's see this cavy!
hey man, I think I know the guy your talking about. He is on jbody. he has a ton of pics & a few vids. looks like it worked really well.
well fine...i guess i could get unlazy and post some pics of his engine and such...so here you guys go...hehe

here's a pic of the intercooler

the motor itself

and you can see the SC tucked way in the bottom on this one
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That awesome

There is a guy in the city here with a '97 turbo cav. He made the cover of Sport Compact Car magazine. He got a 4 page article.
<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/toc/0 ... index.html">http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/toc/0309scc_toc/index.html</LINK_TEXT>
man thats one sweet cavy :D and i know the sound you are talking about,it a great sound
Sweetness 8) !
all i see are red X's
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