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I need new springs and struts

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I need new springs and struts and I was wondering how much better the handling would be with some performance struts/springs what kind of cost it would be compared to oem, amd where the best place to get them would be..... Im in Nova Scotia

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We were all going to do a big group order of eibach springs but it looks like that fell through big time.
eibachs kick ass, just installed the rear springs and some poly-urathan swap bar bushings in hte rear of my Z and its awesome,

now hte front tomorrow
I have Eibachs with KYB shocks and struts. They work well together. I've seen them both on ebay.
a lot of people have been nabbing KYB through JBP lately that its almost hard to keep stock. We've got some decent prices due to the amount of KYB that we resell..... and were in Canada too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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