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Idle Bog and Stalling...

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Since yesterday, its felt like i lost pick up and she idles weird, sometimes 3k when it settles at 1k and i go to put it in first she will bog down to 3-500rpms? :( or if i get on it hard in 2nd or 3rd she will shut off :( n e 1 have n e idea of wuts wrong.
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hmmm....sounds like the problem I was having. It turns out it was my MAP sensor going. I replaced it and now she's fine. Still idles low, but the bogging and stalling has quit.
Do you have a MAF sensor on your car? My Olds (/w 2.8 MPFI too) has the same problem and it's the MAF sensor...
Check for codes and for a vacuum leak as well.

ok so my dad takes a look nd it seems that my pvc hose was krimped at the bend could this be my problem, changing the plugs now also.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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