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I've gone through my car trying to figure out what is causing it to idle rough (i.e. reving up and down in stop and go traffic and almost stalling out). My CEL is not on, but I connected a jumper wire to the ALDL hoping to find a stored trouble code...nothing. The exhaust started sounding like it was spitting when I get off the throttle and let it idle. The only thing I can think of is the EGR valve. Any other ideas? I'm definitely open to suggestions...

UPDATE: Did a little more digging and found some oil in the hose connecting the motor to the air cleaner. Clogged PCV valve?
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Yah, check the PCV.. also clean out the IAC motor passage and plunger and all your vacuum lines
Did all that, it's slightly better....the "sputtering" problem is really present when idling on a hill. Then while I was taking it home after its test run, the car started to surge. When I got home and threw it in reverse, the car feels like it's going to bog out and starts to rev up and down. It feels like the car isn't getting enough fuel....i'm wondering if its something as simple as a fuel filter (hopefully not a pump)
well how long has it been since you changed the filter? i think your supposed to change it every 30k miles. alot of people change them alot sooner tho.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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