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Long time reader (few months), first post. Hopefully somebody can help me with this problem.
This is not a z24, but is a 1990 3.1L problem. Last week I had to get a new exhaust system installed on the car (corsica lt). Somehow it blew a pipe coming from the manifold. Every since I got it repaired I have had a intermittant problem with idling and spitting/sputtering under acceleration.
I have changed out the coil packs, ignition module, sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, and air filter. All of that is brand new now.
If I do not let the car warm up for aprox 30 minutes, it has the problems, but when it gets warmed up, the car runs like it is supposed to.
An employee of mine noticed yesterday that I had water coming out of the tailpipe, just after I started the car. the car had been sitting for aprox 5 hours. I checked the oil, looks good and no water in it.
The day after I replaced all the parts, I did get an EGR error, but I haven't seen that or had any other errors show since. I did an idle relearn right after getting that error.
I have also notice the fan is not coming on as frequent as it used to, it does come on though.
On the left side of the engine, near plug #2, there is a radiator hose that connects to something. I'm thinking this is the water pump. Before changing all the parts out, it used to leak, hasn't leaked since.

Now with all that, what could be the problem. I have been posting this on other forums, but evidently have stumped people.

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