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If you were rich, would you keep your J-bod?

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If you were rich would you keep your J-Body?
Yeah, i'd keep it.5191.07%
No, i don't think so.58.93%
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I've been thinkin about this lately and i'm wanting some opinions. If you were rich would you still have your Z, or any other j-body? I see on like MTV cribs with all these rich basketball and popstars with these cady's and 70,000 dollar cars, and i was just thinkin that if i was rich i'd keep the cavy and pimp it out for something fun to drive rather then flashing money all over the place. Maybe its just me.
hell yah i'd keep it. I'd do all the things i really wanted to and keep it as a summer pimpin car, then i'd buy a Benz for a winter car :lol:
I'd keep it and do everything I've ever wanted to do to it. And get a Z06 :love: .
Sure would, take both of 'em and make them even more beautiful. If I was rich I wouldn't flash it around at all. I'd maybe buy another "nicer" car and get a nice house and save the rest.
of course i would, and i would park it next to the skyline :wink:
Being rich and flashing your wealth around is the biggest way to be a cocky lil bastard. I hate that. If I was rich, I would definately keep my little Sunbird. I would just bring it up to my 'vision' for it. I would buy my own house, not way too friggen fancy, just enough for me to live a comfortable life. Buy the few cars I want in life, for regular use or just for fun (converted KITT trans am, Delorean, Mr. Bean car...etc), Have a garage for them with the house, and dump the rest into the bank, trust funds, whatever. I'd probably keep my job too, just to give me something to do all week since I get bored real quick and easy. Having a lot of money doesn't mean one HAS to buy the most expensive shit out there...to be quite honest I have no interest in the Benz's and BMW's and all them other fancy expensive cars. They're useless to me. I'm a down to earth person, no need for an out of this world life.
i would sup it and mod it till the paint bleeds!!! make at least 1000hp on it...
my j-bod would becomea field car. also if I was rich, I would buy a car hauler, and buy 10 3rd gens a week, and on saturday take them to the crusher and crush 'em!! then I would set them on fire!
I'd keep my cavalier, buy a z24, and a Dodge Viper and a Bugatti Veryon W16.
Yeah, I'd likely keep the J-car either as a dedicated autox car, or else as a winter/daily driver that I'd not be worried about if it got hit or something. Basically something to keep the miles off the other vehicles. :lol:
id keep it and fix it up like it was new and probably just drive it every now and then...keep it for sentimental reasons, seeing as how it is my first car and all
id keep it, do alll the crap to it that i cant afford now. then of course id have to buy a viper and a mustang, and a small house with a huge garage :pimp:
i think i'd keep mine too, just fix it up really good then buy another really nice car. seeing as my first car was a chev citation and my second was a pontiac phoenix... gotta keep at least one car from when i was young... haha
hell yea i'd keep my car if i was filty rich!! i'd just convert it to rwd and put an LS6 under the hood and put a quiet exhaust on it but have an electirc exhouast cut out. thats my dream. :D
I'd keep the cavy, fixer up, then fix my truck up, then fix my other truck up, buy a house with a huge ass garage, buy an escalade, fix it up, then i'd be about done :D
Id keep it, do it up the best i could, drop the biggest engine i could into it, then id have to agree with girlracer in id buy a skyline, but id also buy an older van (yes i said a van you know like the A-team Van lol) do it up to a T, throw like 40 Optima Batteries, 15 18" Subwoofers with like 30 amps, and go for the world DB record.
id keep it and buy a Z too with everything i wanted and build a nice motor cause if i was rich im sure id have lotsa space for other cars too so i buy probably an r33 skyline gt-r vspec and a corvette Z06 and use a 3rd gen for a daily driver and id have a vehicle for everything, like minivan,truck,car and such maybe more than 1
if i'd be rich, i would probably give my j to somebody on this site because I know they would take car of it...then i'd buy a supra tt 1000hp+ for nice sunny days, a new vette 1000hp+ for not so sunny days, some big ass benz 4 weekend shoping, outings with the family and stuff, and a hummer for winter...oh yah probably a wrx 800hp+ for rainy days..need i go on? :eek:
if I was rich??? Umm No thanks I'd be driving my BMW, Mercades, Lambo's and other "High end" vechiels. I mean these cars are cool But that's only because I've always owned just regualer run of the mill cars If I had the opp. I'd be high end all the way and say ciao to the econo-box's
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