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last saturday the front middle plug blew out of the head! it had happened like twice before and it went back in no problem, just thought it might had vibrated itself loose. anyways i could not get the the plug to start back in the head. so dumbass me pulled the plugwire off the coil pack and decided to drive it to a friends shop just up the road. it was missing like shit, of course, but it was going. funny thing, i turn the key switch to Acc, while still in Drive to kill the engine and coast down a hill. i turn the key back to the Run postion and the car start right back up without me having to crank it?!? now mind you this is an auto and i was in drive. dont know what was going on there. i done this twice more cuz i couldnt believe that i was starting back up. well on the 2nd time it wouldnt start back.

got it towed to my friends shop and we start running the gaunlet on it. these are the things that have been checked or changed for new parts:

ICM & coils: good
fuel pressure: 40psi while cranking
Throttle Postion Sensor: tried one off a friends Z, still nothing
Crank Postion Sensor: new
Oil Pressure Switch: new
ECM: parts car ecm tried, still the same

check an injector plug with a noid light and im not getting any pulse to the injectors. i can spray starting fluid in the intake and it will start right up.
any suggestions on what to check or what could be changed to fix this problem?!?!?!?

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First, check for power at the injectors (with a meter, not the noid light). There's 12V in that harness at all times, then then ECM provides the "ground" to fire the injectors. This could be as simple as a blown fuse.

- Frank
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