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Alright, I ripped my engine apart, threw in the intake manifold gasket, and put it back together. now it has troubles starting, the engine shakes like hell, my exhaust smells very rich in gas, and the antifreeze leaks like a bastard. Am I a good backyard mechanic or what... any ideas what might have made my engine run so rough?

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more info would be helpful...i'm assuming you took off the lower intake manifold as well as the upper (plenum, whatever you prefer to call it), right?

make sure you use plenty of sealant on the sides of the lower intake manifold (on the parts the gasket doesn't cover). i always use Ultra Black RTV sealant.

give more information as to what you did. and where exactly is the antifreeze leaking from? anyway, here are a few things to think about or check:
-all vacuum lines are tightly connected
-fuel injector wires are tightly connected
-rocker arms properly torqued
-intake manifold bolts are all torqued
-the valley pan (lower intake) gasket is lined up perfectly
-all wiring, spark plug wires, etc. are connected
-the PCV valve is where it should be in the rear valve cover
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