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<COLOR color="green">i need a cheap solution to my intake problem ..... i have the '89 pontiac 2.0L with the whole metal intake to the throttle body and i was wondering if anyone has an cheap ideas to straighten that out to improve the intake efficiency ..... with a cone filter on the end ..... well any ideas let me know! thanx</COLOR>
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Cut a hole in the hood and put one of those big round K&Ns on. Maybe a big scoop with butterflies. Fiberglass up a cowl, not too hard. Run dryer hose to the bottom of the car, clamp it to the frame, and stick a filter on for cold air. You've got options.
<COLOR color="darkblue"> well first of all i'm not going to cut a hole in my hood ..... my idea is to trade filter housings with a Cavalier 2.0 and doing the filtert trick that this site shows ... but i was wondering if there would be an easier way to do it to that stock Pontiac housing ...... no holes in my hood ..... and no guady overdoing it. </COLOR>
Why don't you try an aluminum pipe with a cone filter on the end,It shouldn't cost too much,check out the how to section for more ideas.You can make something very easily that will add a few more horses.Don't be afraid to try something.Pm me if you need some more help.
i'm going to try something ... but my only question is how do i remove that metal intake pipe from the filter housing without damaging the housing?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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