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I've finished swapping in all the parts I bought to change my interior from the light gray interior to the dark charcoal color interior. I still have a few things left to get, but at a later date since there wasn't a car in the junkyard that had them in decent enough shape. I still need to get door panels, one small trim piece above the door, the center console storage compartment at the back, rear folding seatback, and the dash. I may or may not do the dash, I haven't decided. I am debating swapping the seat belts, since the rears are a pain in the ass if the bolts holding the bottom in are rusted up. I may just leave all the seatbelts and the dash gray, give it something of a unique two tone look. Meh. Right now it looks kinda goofy with parts from both colors in here, but I figured I'd get the major stuff done so I don't have to do it later. Carpets are a bitch :-? , everything else is easy. Couple pics below showing the carpet, center console and stereo thing, and rear seat bench. Not shown is the headliner, which I managed to change while my car was in the garage, which had to be cut to fit my sunroof. Not a bad job IMO, since a friend said he couldn't tell I had swapped it out at all. Having swapped out the carpet now, I've learned exactly how the entire interior comes apart, piece by piece, which will help me in the future should I need to take something out again. Beforehand I was clueless as to how some parts came out. Amazing what a little swapping will teach you :)

Anyway, enough rambling, here's the pics.

Actually I'm gonna put a poll up, I'd like opinions on whether I should try to swap the dash and belts, to make it all a uniform color, or do my two tone look by leaving them. Thanks guys.
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