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Introduced my friend to the classic ricer flyby!!

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Well I'm driving down another street with same friend yesterday and we pull up on a red light right next to his friend in some new looking honda or hyundai. My friend tells me his friend can smoke my ass, and I says oh yeah? well let him bring it! :x So light turns green and I smoke his ass but he's not even tryin. He gets behind me I guess to check out the badges on my car and then I just slow down cuz I gave up. Turns out while he's two car length's away he wants to start racing and pulls into the next lane and passes me up, and I'm not even trying. And I told my friend that's what fukking rice boys do they flyby like they're still trying to win the race and I told him their your fukken friends not mine lol. :pimp:
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Hey, it's a classic.
ah well what do you expect from a ricer :roll:
I absolutly hate people who say a car can beat me, but dont have the balls to race me. Worse off is other people saying theyre friends can beat me, and they dont even know what kind of engine the cavs have :roll: :wink: They just think its faster cos its newer... :guns:
munkiballz4769 said:
ah well what do you expect from a ricer :roll:
Couldnt have said it better myself.
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