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issue with shifter.

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ok. the other day my car started doing something really weird. out of no where it became dufficult to move my shifter. It would be really tight going from park to drive or reverse and even tighter goin from drive to reverse or park. This happened out of no where and i was ondering what could be causing it. The tranny doesnt make any odd noises such as clunking or anything. th tranny itself shifts fine. The other thing is the car will not down shift at highway speed, like i was going up a hill and pressed the gas and no downshift. Now i know that the tv cable adjustment should fix the probelm with the downshifting but i am curious if the 2 problems could be connected in any way. i have also noticed that my TCC may or may not be working properly. when at highway speeds it doesnt seem like the tcc kicks in but im not stalling in any gear or anything. Its really puzzling me.

anyone have any ideas????


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my shifter was doing somthing like that but it completly stopped moving it turned out that the saftey brake cable was gettin hung up so just cut it and eliminated now i no longer need the brake to take it out of park maybe you should take a look at that
where was it caught up at? like what location in the engine bay or under the center console??
Check your park/lock cable adjustment. It is a cable that runs from the shifter assembly to your steering column.
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