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Its all over :(

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Thats right, today i came to a hard conclusion and i am going to park her for however long it takes to finish her.

On the way home from work(7 miles) my gas gauge went down 3 lights(oxygen sensor?) and shes not running to good right now, so shes done for.

After i got home from werk i took out my radio,eq,amp,cd changer,tach all the wiring, even took my tail light switch off. I am going to fix all the wiring problems and have everything work how it should. I am going to take off all the interior pieces and finish painting them, im gonna replace the carpet and at the same time run my system wires for a clean install.

For the center console im gonna modify it to have a switch panel on the inside. Basically right now im gonna restore her, then im gonna start to modify her. In this parked stage i will also perform either a 3100 or 3400 top end. To much to say about wut im gonna do, but ill keep everyone updated.

To my surprise i got in her and she started right up :). I also fixed my tail light problem.

Sorry for the long post.

p.s. not that many smilies :lol:
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sorry to hear that. but that sounds like that will be fun. hopefull it gose well :)
well im glad to hear your not gettin rid of her ;)

kepp me updated on whats going on. maybe if i have a free day ill come up to help ya ;)
Sotty to hear it, shell be great when shes done! :D
That blows, but sometimes its better to just park it until its got everything it needs and some more :D
beamer said:
That blows, but sometimes its better to just park it until its got everything it needs and some more :D
Yep, I agree. Mines been sitting for a year and 1 month. Oh I am loving it too. Keeping my miles low keeps a smile on my face! :lol: 2-3 years to go! Can't wait to finally take her for a spin, but it'll be a whole different car!
i hate not driving mine....geeze it drives me nuts....
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