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The Mean 230 Hp 89 Cavalier Z-24 is dead i cracked the side wall of a cyclinder and is likeing radiator fluid in and its just done all that work down the drain at least if found out that it could waste a Honda S2000 with nos with no problem the good ole cavi hit 173 and it just went down hill from there the transmission started to shake and the engine shut off it was just to much for the poor cavi so it no sits by the last project (79 Ford f-150 400m drag racer)
so that ends the saga of the 230 hp cavalier but just to put a smile on you guys the new project is a 90 cavalier z24 and im planing on trying to drop a 3.8 supercharged in her well may the 89 Cavalier Z24 Rest In Piece xXx

Hope to get the project donw soon
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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