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IVY Car show, only 4 Pics tho.

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Got to go to my first car show today, didn't win anythin ofcourse, but it was nice to go.

this guy got the Peoples Choice Award

ofcourse my lovely pos sitting next to a nicely painted car. :cry:

this guys car was alright. But to me looks like the other cavy too much, cept this guy had cold air intake and painted manifold.

the cool thing about this is that both those red third gens have systems and setups from PJ's Car Tunes, and i am louder than both of them...
welp there ya go, enjoy.
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too bad you didnt win anything, your car looks mint! :pimp:
well tell me if those images come through not sure if they did, they show on mine. and mine isnt' clost to mint, its the white one with the black front bumper. And the first message is edited alot cause of my screw up. Sorry about that.
nope not showing
Yep they are showing up :)

Ya .. it does suck that you didn't win anything.. But its awesome that you had a good time.
working for me.

looks good, i've never entered my z in a show, she still has some problems i need to fix. oh well maybe next year.
well the money raised went to the American Cancer Society. So it was worth it. Met alot of people and got my neck burnt bad. But loved looking at the Stingray Corvette roll in, along with the 96 GT Corvette, which i think only 1000 of those were made. Or atleast thats what the guy told me. We only had about 20 cars there, but it was the first year for IVY Tech's car show. Next year i will get to put up a progress board for the cavy. Cause by then it be painted with the kit and all on it. My engine was very dirty too, cleaned it there with some paper towels and cleaner. Still needs about 3 layers of degreaser.
well at least your car is a project in the making lol maybe next year,hay man i got a question for you,i see you have the drift front air dam,can you tell me the length of the bumper from the fender to the bottom at the wheel well (get what i mean) :-?
are you just wanting to know the length? from top to bottom i am assuming right?
bezal said:
are you just wanting to know the length? from top to bottom i am assuming right?
yep from the fender to the bottom
thanks :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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