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JbodyPerformance Grand-Opening Meet!

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We'd like to meet our customers! As you may know, We're going to be holding our grand-opening for our store front and customer service area. We're expecting our grand-opening to be a large turn-out. We want enthusiasts to take advantage of our opening sale (featuring 30-50% off all parts) and to participate by just showing-off their modified rides. We would like to see the pending interest from customers all throughout the US and Canada. Let's see how many jbody's we can fit in our parking lot! Drop us a line using the link below, and just say " I'll Be there!" This way we can predict the volume of customers that are interested in paying us a visit for the first time and possibly offer burgers and drinks.

[email protected]

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where might help!
just for your guys info as most members will tell you.

Canada is home to the world's fastest j-bodies :wink:

JbodyPerformance Co. Ltd.
149 Rangood Road
Toronto, ON M9C 4P4

I don't know if that the shop addy, thats just the one on their website. But I'm pretty sure the shop is in Toronto.
Yup, Toronto, ON.

We're going to be a 1 hr drive from Niagra Falls.
when is this gone be ?
I'll go, especially if clutches are going to be nice and cheap :p
dude, i'm gonna fuckin be there, buyin pulley and warm intake+cone :D
Mev post more details when you get them and Ill be there
is this sale gong to be stickly at your store location, or on the website also?
damn. that sucks. why can't my car drive 500mph so i could get to ontario in like 3 hours instead of 12?!?!?!
It looks like October, 11th will be our grand opening bash. We still have a lot to do.. However, we'll be open and ready to celebrate with the jbody community.

The exact location is and will be: 44 Wellesworth Drive.

In Toronto, ON. Hope to see a great turn out guys... I hope to get support from the heap of V6Z24.COM members because the first year is nothing but struggle for a new shop. Any business that you can throw our way instead of the big shops will help a great deal....
are you going to have clutches on sale duiring this grand opening?
crap thats the don howson JCO show and shine weekend :-?
Is it?... well, now you can visit two venues instead of just one. :)

Bully clutches should be on sale. They're already dirt cheap anyhow.
hey dark, i was checking out your site and was wondering about the crate engines. I was thinking about saving up for the cheapest ( i forget the name) but was wondering if you ship them out or would i have to pick it up. also in the event of shipping totally kicking my ass what rebuild kit would you suggest and is it something that i could do on my own with enough time and paitience....im a fast learner ;)
we ship our crates. It's about $450CDN with our frieght company. although we can only ship to a business (say, a shop or something).
the cheapest is the mild build kit/crate.
im going to have to push it back a bit because of the don howson thing. ill set a date in a couple days or so.
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