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Went to the junkyard today to get IAC valves i took 3 off of 3.1's no 2.8 :(.
Also seen a pontiac 6000 with a 3.1 in it did they have that option? On my way out i was talking to the one guy he showed me a 90-91 Sundbrid LE good condition, 3.1L auto, i asked how much he said 500 for the whole car, and he says it runs fine i was like :eek: .
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the 6000 did have the 3.1 i beleive.
The 6000 received the 3.1 in '89.

The Sunbird you were looking at would have to be at least a '91, since that was the first year the Sunbird was offered with the V6, unless of course someone had swapped it in. ;)
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I love junkyards..i just got an 88 z24 about 3 months ago and i love it..i bought it for 1,000 bux, and i went to the junkyard and found everything I need for next to nothing.
where is dillsburg? there are a lot of Pa people here!!
Dillsburg is a SMALL town is Pa...is near Gettysburg if you even know where that is. It's way out in nowherevill[/b]
gurl with a z24 who likes junkyards... damn you should BE in playboy!
Yea, ur not the first guy to say that..com on..I'm a girl w/ a z24, that loves junkyards..what more can you ask for! haha..but i'm notta slut..but it would be cool to pose w/ zcar! much love
hey!! my gf has a z24 vert and likes junkyards
Yea, I love junkyards..hey, really like ur quote about amatuers building the ark and professionals building the titanic! very creative!
thanks ;)
no prob...it's funny
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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