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Kenwood 816 mono amp $200 *BRAND NEW* (GTA)

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Well, as it sits now, I dont think I'll be doing much more to the Zed, espically the stereo (which I have wanted to do for a long time)..... so I a selling my Kenwood amp.

The amp litterally has NEVER benn used. Not even once! I had bought it a few years ago in hopes to be gettin subs to hook it up to. But that STILL hasnt happened. The amp may have only been taken out of the box once or twice just to show people (actually its only been twice as I remember... I showed Rob Blake once, and Scott Abrahamsen the other!)

Anywhoo the amp is a Kenwood KAC-816 amplifier. I'm not stereo sauvy so dont be asking me any questions regarding will it run this..... will it run that..... I just know I was planning on running 2 12's... but obviously, I never got around to getting them.

Here are some details I found on Kenwoods site:

KAC-816 Mono Power Amplifier
200W x 1 at 4Q (0.08% THD)
300W x 1 at 2Q (0.8% THD)
Speaker level input for OEM upgrade
Variable input sensitivity (0.2V - 5V)
Built-in variable low-pass filter (50Hz - 200Hz)
Built-in infrasonic filter (15Hz -25Hz)
Gold plated input / output terminal
Sigma servo for tight bass sound
Protection indicator
Power MOS-FET switching power supply

And if you wanted to look at the manual for it, it can be found here:
<LINK_TEXT text="http://kenwood.nl.ims.hr/languages/EN/s ... AC-816.pdf">http://kenwood.nl.ims.hr/languages/EN/support/manuals/KAC-816.pdf</LINK_TEXT>

As for the price, I beleive I paid about $250 for it, and seeing as the thing has litterally NEVER been used, I am looking at $200 firm.

If you are interested, lemme know here, or PM me.

Thanks guys,

P.S. If I cant get $200 for it, then I probably wont sell it. Selling it isnt something I really want to do, but If I cant, I work with it and maybe put it in the van.
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