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LF: downpipe for the 3400 swap

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Just curious if any of you who ditched the 3400 and went better..... wanna sell me your 3400 downpipe? I'm lazy and don't want to make one. I'm sure some people here have one :( cough cough wl2 cough wasas9
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ill make you one or send you mine. its 2.5 mandrel with flex and magnaflow cat. rip 3400. pm me an offer.
i had gen2 manifolds on my 3400.. then went to headers. :)
brinky im not sure what one would be worth so PM me with how much you want.... i'll let ya know if i can swing it(( most likely i will)) i got some bucks saved for this swap. ::punches self for not going all the way:: 3500 :pimp:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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