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Limits are too much fun to push...

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There's a new development going in down the road from me. I checked it out a little while ago. Hardly any of the lots have sold yet; no houses to speak of. Windy road with a nice circle at the end, I decided what the hell. My friend has a 2.8 S10 so we decided to see who was more nuts. Even with my 3 speed auto, I was able to keep ahead of him. Nothing more fun than drifting, let me tell you. :p I was amazed at how easily the rear came around, it's front wheel drive, after all. My buddy almost lost it a couple times, but not the Z. Hopefully construction won't start for another few weeks so that Lucy can get her fill before she goes in the garage for the winter. :D Road courses are definitely worth finding. :wink:
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Sweet Man! :lol: Drifting is freakin Awesome! Haven't had the chance to do it in my Cavvy yet but in my dad's Camaro it's one hell of a Rush! Keep Havin Fun B4 ya gotta put the Z away for the year!!
u cant drift with a front wheel drive car.
yeah it sorta can be done... its fun as hell.....(i well try anythin) i love doin power slides around our local mall.....
u cant drift with a front wheel drive car.
You can in fact drift in a front wheel drive car, it just usually takes more effort to break the rear loose. Watch rally, the Citroen is only FWD. They say you have to stomp on the gas and pump the break gently as you keep the wheel cranked and to not use the handbrake. All I know is I was sideways and countersteering a bit. It is much easier to hold a powerslide and power out in a rear or all wheel drive car, though, I imagine.

By the by, have you noticed that mall parkinglots make a perfect high speed road course? When it's raining, you can really have some fun. Understeering sucks, though. :)
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