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Loads of S t U f F for Sale

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I have a bunch of things that need to sell soon to make room for winter storage.

4 16 inch Eagle Alloys 196 rims w/205/40/16 Dunlop qualifier GTS rubber

90 Grand Am Gt Front Seats, fit any J ,Gray 175 for the pair

3 Beretta rims and 4 Hercules Tire 205/40/16 (2 are perfect and 2 are not but selling as a bundle for 650 or i can separate if need be

4 Winter tires mounted on aluminium rims painted black - 200

5 Speed Tranny for 88-89 2.8 z24 - 150

Black 88 z24 dash - 100 (various other black parts as well enough to do whole car with the exception of the centre console)

Nearly complete ram air Z24 hood - email me for pics and price

original 88 tape deck (acdelco)

Red Trunk lid for 88 z24 with rack - 75

Tail lights for 88 z24 full assembly - 75

inner tails for sunbird uncracked - 30

headlights and assembly including inner turn signals - 150 (lenses are unbroken)

Passenger headlight unbroken - 50
extra inner turn signals - 5 a piece

Black sunbird door pads and armrests - 100 (power doorlocks and windows switches

Stock shifter boot - 5

All prices can be negotiated and shipping can be arranged
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Got all the stuff for me to do a 5-speed swap? Let me know if you do and how much! thanx!
Does it have Power Windows? If so, I'll take the black panel and working switches. $20 = shipping?

The panels are from a sunbird with power locks and windows. I will look up the shipping but i will need a postal code from ya.

I have the shifter the cables and the tranny the clutch pedal itself is gone though
Are they exactly like the one on my cavalier??

Not too sure what yours look like.....
ok, i'll try to post a pic of it later

what do you have as far as black interior? i wanna do a swap from gray to black, so far i have a dash. i mainly need the plastic parts, complete seat belts, dont need seats, possibly the carpet, and who knows what else. let me know what you ahve and i may just take it all.
thanks, samantha
can you email me pics of the hood?

email is

[email protected]
I have everything except the seats and centre console, i do have the bottom bit of the centre console but not the part you actually put your arm on just the carpeted part.

I am working on pics of the hood i thought i had some on my computer but i can't find them, should take me long to get a few
thanks ;)
So, your parts are off of a sunbird, not a cavy?

I have door pads from both, they are pretty much identical as far as i know. But i do have parts from both a sunbird and a z24
ok, what color is the interior on the z24 and year?

How much are you asking for your carpet and the headliner, are they in good shape....... I'm 45 minutes from ottawa, can you guess a shipping rate for me if ever I buy the carpet.

THe interior is black the carpet is pretty good but the headliner is wrecked and has a whole for the sunroof
ok that's good..... so how much for the carpet?
$75 if you have a way to come and get it
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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