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5.5 Exhaust??? Holy shit! It is sweet its only got 15,000 miles...but $9,500 Damn!
Damn, he is proud it for that price. 15,000 miles though so it should be worth about $6500
ninteyonez24 said:
look! this one has an auto AND a 5 speed!
Maybe the 5 speed tranny is in the trunk?
thats a nice lookin wagon, and the black cavy with 5.5 is bad, but 9.5 is a little too much. We bought my car (when my bro owned it) for $9300 with like 8k miles on it in 96.... and its a 94.
The things I could buy with $9500...Camaro z28...Corvette...67 Mustang GT fastback with a 390...could probably throw a quad barrel and a manifold on that, too. Fiberglass and bondo, good as new...And to think we used to have one :cry: Goddamn car-jacking bastards :guns: Never was the same. Poor Sally... They couldn't handle her.
Dear god.... you expanded the window pretty far..... thats wack.
how the hell did you expand it like that? :eek:
95 Ha! You could roll one off the assembly line and I wouldn''t pay that much (if I had the money to spend)
i find its to much 9500$ even for a vert with 15k mi. full equip
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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