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Looking for broken 88-94 Z's

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Hey guys, I'm looking for some 88-94 Z24's or reg cavs that have some problems and aren't road worthy to buy and fix up... whether it be a bad tranny or motor etc etc...

Let me know what you got, must be within 2 hrs of London, Ontario.


[email protected]
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ive got an 89 black 5 speed z24, rough shape, rocker panels are gone, lots of good parts, over $3000 in receipts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in ottawa ontario, too far??? Best offer takes it

pm me
A little too far... but thanks for replying... that is the stuff I'm looking for :)
I have a 92Z24 5speed. in good shape runs good. It was just in an accident. The front bumper is crushed in and the bumper mounts impacted the radiator resovior so it needs a new radiator. I'm debating whether to try and fix it myself or sell off for parts etc.......

I'm in Buffalo, NY. PM if you are interested.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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