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Looking for Sunbird Parts...

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Anyhooters... I may be coming into a nice(er) car soon (5speed Sunbird SE w/a 3.1), and this is what I'm looking for:

Sunbird GT/Late SE Side skirts, and a GT rear bumper.

That is all I look for, prefferably in the GTA.


If you want, I'd be willing to get rid of my Z24 rims (2001) plus a bit o' cash./

Let's talk business!
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where do u live and how much cash on top of the rims and how soon do u need them? any specific color needed?
Well, I'm looking to keep it in the Southern Ontario area, to keep the shipping at $0.

I just really need the skirts.

If anyone has Sunbird skirts to get rid of, lemme know.
There's a guy on the JCO board that just put his '90 GT bumpers/skirts up for $300. not sure if that's what you're after or not........ :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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