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Lowering my 1994 3.1 Z24 (Manual) !!!

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I am looking into lowering my z24 within the next month, ive been asking around to my friends and their friends to see if springs would be enough. When lowering a car, should i install just springs then get the car aligned, or should i install cambers as well. Please all your input is needed for yet another beutiful z24 in progress that whoops all ricers!
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most of you clicking on this thread think i have pics of me lowering my car, i will if you help me out in how to do it!
well when i lowered mine, i replaced the springs of course, i got intrax, i also replaced the struts and shocks too. nope no need for a chamber kit. we ran into a problem when we lowered mine, we had to replace the outter tie rod. so make sure everything is ok when you do it.

here is the how to: http://www.v6z24.com/mods/howto/?page=suspension

its pretty easy to do. good luck.
just make sure you don't drive a whole lot before you get an alignment.
replaced the struts and shocks with your lowering, bet that was costly. Hopefully i wont have to do that.
estimated cost on how much shocks, struts, and springs would all cost? without prof installation...
I'm thinkin around 580$ total. I was thinking about doing the same myself. Nice to see another user from Maryland! Don't know too many around here.
ft meade eh, i played meade highschool last year for baseball... how old are you? maybe we can meet up sometime.
i changed all the springs shocks and struts on my car by myself, the only thing i needed help with was holding stuff. but everything else was pretty easy if you know what your doing using spring clamps, loosening the right bolts so on and so forth.
Me and My bro done mine, so no labor costs. I prob paid around $500 for everything. Alignments around here are $35.
nothin like gettin down and dirty for free! mine was even cheaper than 500, $80 for both front struts, spring tech springs $150, and i got the rear shocks off my dads cavalier a year after he put them on cuz it got totaled. so i'm at like $230
well I replaced my entire suspension system with monroe snesetrak struts and shocks poly sway bar bushings tie rods and ball joints for $188 out the door. ANd now I have a set (when we clear up the address thing LOL!) of eibach's (pro-kit) I got off a member here never installed for $100 so for a new lowered car sitting on all new stuff I paid $288 not a shabby deal if you ask me. I know I can upgrade to better struts and shocks later but screw it this is good for now.
Good post, i was about to get into something like that too, I NEED new handeling bad, mines bouncy n creaks =x very annoying. very helpful people, i was really wondering how much it was gunna run me to get shocks/struts, wasint worried about springs yet, figured id save for them , but THE CAV WILL BE LOWERD ONE DAY!!!

Very helpful post ;b
Mine's gonna cost $110 for KYB gr-2 shocks, $180 for KYB gr-2 struts and I hope that group purchase on eibachs spring works out on here.
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