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me vs 300zx 5 speed non turbo

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we raced like 5 times and I beat him once and then we lined up at two lights and took off. i got him out the hole and we raced up to 100 and he beat me by about 3\4 of a car both time. he stopped and asked me what I had and I laugh and said it was stock and he said it was the fastest cavalier he has ever raced. I told him that he might not want to mess with the cavaliers around here lol. the other times were just messing around one the highway at about a 70 drop and I ran with him until the fuel cut off cut me off.lol. I was shocked I though he would have killed me oh and this man could drive to. you should have heard this car just screaming
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15.4 really.... didnt think the new 2003 cavis were that fast at all
well mine is and all my friends with the 2.4 are just as fast. and we all have time slips to prove it. Now I have not see another eco run that yet. the fastest eco I have seen was a 15.7. and he was out there that night when I ran my 15.4
nice man, i thought those cars were faster, but im a lil slow :eek:
I've seen a slip from a stock Eco that ran a 15.1
hmmm might be time to trade in the 3.1l for the little 2.2. I could live with 15's stock.
I also have a 89 Z24 and I ran a 15.9 in that. I still love my 2.2 eco. 15.1 in a stock eco now that is a nice #. maybe I can get that one day lol.
ecotecs are fast, i'd trade my 2.2 for one.
u guys taking about tradeing your ride for a 15sec stock one, cumon if u gunna trade do it right get a LS1 13sec stock lol.
you know I have had my fast hot rods. I had a 13sec 88 iroc, a 84 S10 with a 350 that ran 12.s and a 13sec 70 nova. Im playing with cavaliers cause I want to get into something different.
Now i feel horrible. My best time so far with my 2.4 stock is a 16.1 :cry:
just remember auto vs. manula can be a big deal when it comes to the driver, honestly, if i had a proffesional drive my car, they would drive probally a 15.6-.7 rather then my 15.8
Yeah, stock 2003s are running 15s pretty easy I have heard, I havent taken mine out to the trak cause Im not driving the stick very well YET...
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