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me vs. 95 Probe GT

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Ok, ill tell ya from the start i knew i wouldnt win... my 3.0 is noting compated to the 2nd gen probe 2.5... but anyways.... he pulls up and starts reving his engine... me im not the person to turn down a race, reguardless if i know im gonna loose or not.... well the light truns green, and all in an instant he is 3 lengths ahead of me.... i was like WTF?!?! i knew he would beat me but that is insane.... he slowed down and motioned for me to follow him..... talked to him in the parkin lot and he poped his hood :eek: :eek: he had the twin turbo setup.... i was in awe.. he said he has soem other stuff done in the engine too.. pulls outa dyno sheet from the glovebox..385HP at the Wheels!!!!
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damn thats crazy man, ive never heard of a TT probe. guess ya never know what your up against, i never turn down a race too, i once raced a 80's style corvette in my 2.2L cavi hehe and I WON!!!! :pimp:
i've seen the twin turbo setup for the probes online. i want my friend Riker to get it for his 93 PGT MTX :wink:
i just need to get my mx6 that high then i'd show him mazda's true power :D
you know you could make one crazy faast 3.0 probe just rip out an engine and tranny out of a SHO and and put that beast of an engine in that probe. If you look online plenty of people have done it. they say that it is no harder than a honda swap!
i still havent raced my friends probe, but i know for sure i'll win cuz i've already seen what his stock 95 can do
You sure it was a twin turbo set up and not just a single, i have a 2nd gen probe gt, and was in the MI, MIPOC seen for 2-3 years and there was noone that had a TT set up or was there even concept of one, Theres no room under the hood for 2, you can do a single of the front header or off to the driver side were the battery goes but there is absolotly no room on the back header for a turbo not even a little tiny T-25. There was only abotu 2-3 guys with single turbos then to, but ive been out of the seen for a little over a year so you never know but, i jut cant see were they place 2 of them. if he managed to get 2 under there id love to see some pics to see how he did it. There kewl cars, run 15.5-16.0 stock , ok i guess not fast or anyting but thre fun to play with handle liek there on rails but definitly not drag cars.
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