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Methods of lowering?

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Ok got a couple of questions here. I've been looking into air ride and it seems to be way too much for me at the moment. So i am trying to look into other methods of lowering. Juicy has coil covers, do those raise and lower if u change the settings of them. Because i will be driving the car in the winter and just lowering springs won't get me far. I need somthing that i can raise or lower when i want to. So i don't really know what to look into. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction in this and save me some money.
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coilovers would probly be the best idea because you can raise/lower it at will, but i don't think you can get them for 1st and 2nd gens
You could cUt your springs.. But I would be extremely Careful, dont misbalance them or you will be in for it.
swifty said:
You could cUt your springs.. But I would be extremely Careful, dont misbalance them or you will be in for it.
cutting the springs would be the same result as lowering springs, cant raise it back up for the winter (but it's alot more dangerous)
clamp 'em
brett said:
clamp 'em
i dont think he wants to do that, trust me. i did it and it rides like shit.
how does it ride like shit ? Is it a HARD ride or bouncy?

HARD ride I can deal with. Hell, my old Valiant had NO SPRINGS in the front. Just a pair of air shocks because the springs snapped and I couldnt afford new ones.

I loved the way it steered too. Like it was riding on rails. NO body dip or flex.

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well if i got lowering springs for summer, and when winter rolled around could i switch them? Or would it cost some money to switch them 2 times every year?
if you swapped the springs in and out your self it wouldn't.. if you didn't it would cost yeah
and if forgot to state, that if i did lower, that my tires would hit my actual fenders. How would i pull in the wheels without having to angle them like i have seen some rides.
i do not reccomend you get the coilovers for the winter because the salt and sand they put on the roads gets in there and the threads gt all Fu**ed up and then they seaze up. Not a wise investment. I think you either have to go with a mild drop that you will be able to use in the winter. Eibach makes a kit that<ll drop 1 inch in the front and .8 in back, i<m sure that would be suitable. Or wait until next year and bag it. Just for the reccord there are many makers of coilovers for our cars. I've looked into it already. Hope this helps.

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It would be longer than next year sadly, the money from this winter and next summer is going for the paint, shaving, hood, spoiler, exhaust. The kit i looked at for air ride was $900. Thats not bad but installing that.... cost money there, cause don't want to screw that up.
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