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Mint Loaded z24 FoR SalE

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1991 Chevrolet Z24 for sale
-driven one winter month in her life
-painted one year ago
-all options except leather
-go to ------> www.cardomain.com/id/porter316 for a good look at all the hard work in this beast.

*****$6000.00 (CDN) .........$8950(CDN) INVESTED!...all receipts
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lol you dont have the leather option cause there never was one, and your also missing the vert :wink:
clean looking car but if i where you id go flexable on that price if you really wanna sell it.
no offense, but i cant see where in that car you invested that much money. And i agree with vhrus, u need to be a lil more flexible on that price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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