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I was taking my brother to Walmart in the Z and he spotted a very interesting car. It was a Saturn SL1 with shaved badges. In place of the badges was Neon and SXT stickers! What a shame . The driver wanted to own a Neon but couldnt so they put the stickers on their Saturn. Weird! :-?
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Ah well, somebody has to be the loser.
haha they should make it into one of those commercials..."dont be that guy" :lol:
That has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of.
Well get what my brother and I saw today. It was a Beretta with a stock spoiler but something looked out of place. I circle the corner and look again. I see a small spoiler bolted onto the stock spoiler to make it appear larger or something. It didnt even match. It was chrome where the car and stock spoiler are white. I have to start carrying a camera in my car to catch these Unforgettable Moments in Rice!!! :roll:
ha theres a stratus running around here with gtr badges on it why do they sell those things at autozne :roll: it should be against the law to run a gtr bade on somthing other than a skyline
Misbadging is cool! I have honda civic, and vtec badges on mine!!!! :roll:
thats a shame... to put dodge stickers on a saturn :lol:
Yeah why disgrace a dodge by puttin git's badges on a Saturn :x
theres a cavalier z24 up here with z28 badges...its like they don't know the difference :(
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