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here i have a brand new steering wheel that i need to get rid of, it comes with the mounting hardwhare already attached and ready to go. i ordered it from a magazine, had it on my cav for about 4 days then the cav was parked and never driven again.... i have no use for it now, its still in perfect condition, and just as it was brand new!! im only looking for about $125 + shipping for this now, its jus taking up space in my bedroom now so..... please PM or email me if you're interested in it!!!

as you can se, its got black leather grips and carbon finber handles with 2 red buttons.... good for the horn nitrous, or anything else you want to put there.... i actually rewired my high/low beams to the right button so i didnt have to switch hands all the time while driving at night. guess its because i like to lean like a "gangster" or something like that somebody told me.... i dunno, its jus comfortable, thats all lol!
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