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??MSD IGNITION for raven or daily???

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ok mev told me not to use the msd dis 4 igntion yet and to just use the coils....i hooked the coils up to the stock plate and plugged everyting in...only problem is im not getting any spark.. i have the interface modules, but my question is, do i have to use the interface modules?? the reason im asking is because each interface mod has a white and black wire coming out of it and i have no idea where to hook these up to. Can someone pleez help me? i didnt really get a response from mev about this and thats okay, i know he has a shop to run and everything and i dont wanna bother him anymore. so raven or dailydriverz, do u have any idea? thnx for any of your help guys.. the motor is 95 % done...all i have to do is get it to fire and as far as i know it should start up...i also need to hook up my exhaust but that can wait untill i get it running. thank you any/ or everyone for your help i really appreciate it.
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interface modules??

you should just have your Ign coil module, and 3 coil packs...

no spark could be a number of things.
check to make sure all your sensors are plugged in.
and your grounds!
do you get spark on any of the coil packs? or none at all?

i take it you had spark before you removed the old engine and put the new one in..

more info is needed.
LOL, take the interface modules out, and you will have spark again.

The interface modules are just a way of connecting the ignition box (DIS-4) between the ignition module and the coils.

There should be 4 wires coming out of the interface modules, 2 of the wires connect to the tabs that are sticking out of the ignition module and the other 2 connect to the inputs going to the coils.

You could just complete the loop, by connecting the right wires together on the interface modules, I just don't remember which ones are which.

What was the reasoning behind not using the DIS-4 "yet"? Do you have it in your possesion? If I had it already I would go ahead and install it, if I were in your position.
well see this is what happend. i took the interface moduales off already and juss plugged in the coils and i wasnt getting any spark. i have the dis 4 in my possesion, its already mounted in my engine bay. maybe i should just hook up the dis 4 ignition and everything? at first i had the coils and interface mods on but then i took the mods off because i wanted to start the car first before i had that installed..im thinking i should justr install everything so then i would get spark... thanx raven and v6ho..i think i have all my sensors plugged in...the only ones i dont is my ac stuff but that shouldnt matter right? man u guys should here this thing when it cranks, the compression sounds so sweet!!.. and yes i did have spark before...
Ok, if you have removed the interface modules and have the coils mounted directly to the ICM (Ignition Cotrol Module), then there is a problem, either the ICM is bad, the coils are bad, the crank sensor isn't installed/plugged in, or one or both of the other 2 plugs are not plugged into the ICM.
Double check all of these things and make sure.
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