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Multi part Question

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Ok well on my tour to my school today in Toronto, I noticed my gas gauge going up and down when i went around corners and up hills and stuff. I never noticed this happening before but is that normal? or is there something wrong with my gas gauge>?, Also tonight I drove my car to the local coffee shop and after about a hour in there went to leave the car wouldn't start at all! The battery is brand new, its a Motomaster Eliminator. luckily there was another guy there with the same car. We played with it for a while and it finally started. I think it could possibly be a bad ground on the Starter, idk.. anyways thanks to him for helping me on that one... Anyone have any ideas for either of my little problems????????


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Ok well Solved the starter problem just cleaned up the connections and its good to go now, Also im taking the gauge as the fuel sloshing around in the tank if its not and the gauge is FUBAR than haha i guess im screwed :lol: but it would suck to break down in TO :eek:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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