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My 94z vs. 2002 Celica

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I know you guys think how the hell does he get all these races, well to tell you the truth, its usually because one of them gets their ass kicked by me and they tell there friends about me and when they see that purple car with an exhuast, they have to race me... but anyways i was going down the main strip here in downtown annapolis, and this celica with not one spot of origanl paint on there, but covered in sponsor decals, im cruising about 50 and hes going about 35, and i look at his car as i go by, not wanting to race, and once he looked at me, he sped up and i was like oh geez. Keep in mind my girlfriend is in the car, and when she sees someone trying to race, she gets road rage. Anyways, we are going even about 40 as he is looking at me and laughing. We let the traffic ahead of us get pretty far ahead, then we go, sometimes i think its pointless to race people like this in a cyl. that i know has no chance, its almost in my mind as a waste of gas anymore, anyways its another kill.
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Good kill.
nice car, i wish i had as many races as you :evil:
yup, i guess not losing to anyone gives you a good rep, so therfore everyone wants to race you...
Nice Kill, gotta love street racing.
well i seem to always let off coming out of 3 around 80mph and i was about 4-5 car lengths ahead but remember we were going 40 already, as i downshifted to second
Nice Kills Man. you can walk all over the GTs everyday unless they've got some work done, but race a GT-S and you probably will lose. I love racing my friends 2002 Celica, just another win :lol: congrats
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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