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My 94z vs. 2003 sunfire

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we both got all the way to the right coming up to a redlight to pass this truck coming home from college, as he passed the truck, he gunned it, so i played catch up and passed him as i banged out of third, easy pull.
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more than likely just me but i can't understand that post :-?
Apparently he was throwing peanuts at old ladies. :p jk :)
ok, i pulled up behind a sunfire 2003 coming home from college. There was a truck already sitting at the light in the left lane, so we both went into the right lane. He then took off then the light turned green and so did i, he was already in front of me, but i played catch up and pulled from him. He looked pissed.
Nice, those Ecotecs are quick little engines...
hopefully this pic is a little better, if it doesnt work this time i have t update it under my profile, but it should work...
Shiza! It doesnt have to be that tiny...Just somewhere around 500x200 and 25kb in size.
Good kill! I totally KILLED my friend's '97 Sunfire.
O man, I hate this kids sunfire in town, he just cruises the main strip of town all night long, it kills me cause it is all show and no GO.
yea we have a 16-17 year old kid in his daddys veete that cruises all the time like a little puss...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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