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My 94z vs. 6cyl chevy malibu

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I was coming home from work today and i spotted a chevy malibu cruising about 85-90 in the left lane. I then speed up to catch him as i look and see a younger guy, so im like woohoo!!! So i rev my engine going about 80 now, and he lipped the words to me slow down, so i did, now as you all know our z's arent very good with top end in high gears, but he gunned it and slowly but surely i gained and pulled from him as i shifted out of third into fourth, i was kinda suprosed myself, but hey victory in a z is victory in a z!
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good kill
my mom drive a malibu. they're fairly quick with the 3100

lol i love that sticker
i'm gonna go throw peanuts at old ladies now
my cuz drives a newer malibu and i think they're slow as f*ck, anyway nice kill :wink:
Good kill.
hehe nice sticker, and nice kill. best sticker ive had was "honk if parts fall off" :lol:
good kill, i noticed ur car is the same color as mine, if u ever get rid of it or wreck it i want first dibs on parts.
thanks all for reading about my kill, today coming home from college some ricer honda pulled up next to me and revved his exhaust, so i revved back ad we went, and it is pointless to tell you the end of the stroy cause you already know!
Sweet Kills! Nice picture...although its really really big to have for a sig :wink:
First off, that guy's an idiot for racing his auto on the highway...... i now own a '96 GA SE 3100 SFI...... and when i'm cruising doing about 100km/h the torque convertor locks up and when i need to accelerate hard it has to kick outta that, into 4th gear and then down to 3rd gear..... so he had no chance on the highway, now from a stop it may be different ;)

It's nice having a '96 'cause it only weighs 2700lbs and has 155hp/185fpt and a 4spd auto....... much quicker than the old auto Z24 and still quicker than a 3.1 5spd Z24- yes, i've ran a couple of them....... average times i've seen for these cars is around 15.8..... and the newer GA's/'Bu's are about 16.0 cars :)

So if it was a newer GA/'Bu you'd have him from a stop aswell...... :)
hah the other day my one friend was pullin up beside me in the right lane, in his lil 87 crx 5 speed. he was slowly starting to get close to ahead of me, we were going about 60, so i dropped her to 3rd and gave it a bit of gas.. haha he had a hard time keeping up to me then 8)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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