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my car works again

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they finnaly found out hat was wrong with my car. my car has been givin me trouble since the day i got it. and they finnaly fixed. man is there a big difference now. before it bogged down when i gave it gass man it takes off now. it used to stall and it doesnt now. and i turned out to be somethin stupid.. i think it was somekind of a coil. but it is fixed and i like it mroe than before :D
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good job now you can start the mods
mods will come.. i am going to start buyin stuff over the winter and them put them on next summer ova my vacation. and the body kit will go on when i get my parents old car. that way i dont have to rush to get it done.
Awesome man! I remember how much fun it was to have a smooth running car when I got mine working right again! That was a few months ago. Well anyways, good luck with everything and have fun!
glad to here everything is good now. :D
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